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Your van rental is just one of many moving parts that need to come together to make your trip a success. We’re committed to being the most flexible, attentive, and reliable part of that trip – because the memories you make on the road matter to us, too.


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About Us

The shared experience of travel brings people together. Togetherness is something we’re all searching for. We’re social animals. Doing things together makes us feel BETTER. It makes us feel safer, loved, understood, and it certainly makes things more fun. We started Greenvans 14 years ago with one passenger van and a half-baked idea to rent it to our friends. We set out to support and grow our small world of passionate, dedicated touring musicians – a group of people brought together by a shared love of adventure, artistic expression, and a search for freedom in travel.

Why do we do this?

We know firsthand that passenger van rentals are vessels for new adventures and life-changing experiences. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to seek out these adventures with maximum confidence and minimum hassle.

TRAVEL is complicated, Miami Vans Ins’t

We do everything with you online in advance. No surprises the day you come to get your van. The van you reserve is the van you get.  Make your tour van our problem, not yours.  Do what you do best: Play shows. Go camping. Play Soccer. Show up to your competition. Embark on your church mission trip. Move your crew to where you need them. Let us do what we do best and get you in a van you’ll never have to worry about.


Select your Van

Look at our available van models and select the one that suits your need.

Contact Us

Contact some of our advisors and request the vehicle.


Go to our Branch

Go to the vehicle delivery point, so you can fill out the form.

Make the Payment

Make the payment of the service, for the number of days that you will use the van.


Miami Vans Rental Locations

Fort Lauderdale
West Palm Beach
Fort Myers
Marco Island
Cape Coral
Punta Gorda

Ft. Lauderdale Intl Airport

Miami Intl Airport (MIA)

Southwest Intl Airport (RSW)

Tampa Intl Airport (TPA)

Orlando Intl Aiport (MCO)

Palm Beach Intl Airport (PBA)

Cape Coral, FL

Naples, FL

Marco Island, FL

Punta Gorda, FL

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